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Cádiz 2017

What to celebrate in Cádiz 2017?

In a recent discussion (in thematic table 4, called “Port cities and commercial circuits, their regional dynamics”, of the International Symposium, Port Cities: Historical Evolution and Present Challenges, held at the Academy of Cuban History in Havana ), became clear the following question: Port Cities or Port Enclaves? I am inclined to “Port Enclaves” and it is because I am from La Bahía de Cádiz, Spain (not to be confused with the Bay of Cadiz of Cuba). And then the explanation:

The Bay of Cadiz and the whole Hispanic world, have to celebrate in 2017, the tricentennial of:

  • The creation of the Carraca, as the First Arsenal of the Spanish Navy of the eighteenth century – In San Fernando (then denominated Isle of Leon)
  • The Royal Corps of Marine Battalions. Formation of that Troop (12 companies) – In Puerto Real (Note that Spain has the oldest Marine Corps in the world, founded in 1537)
  • The Royal Marine Guards Company of Cádiz – Cádiz (Barrio del Pópulo)
  • The transfer of the House of Contracting and of Merchants to Cadiz (Commonly denominated: The Monopoly of the Commerce with Indias)

Therefore, it should be noted that it is a celebration of Bay, which is why the enclave on the city stands out.

Dr. Luis López Molina
President RedEP (Network of Port Studies)
University of Cadiz