Bienvenidos | Welcome --- VII Congreso RedEP


For several years the University of Cadiz is a company that is dedicated to the creation of companies, creating titles that grow greater disadvantages to the future professionals of these societies of our surroundings, as well as other places.

Another great bet is the creation of companies born in our university and the transfer of research from our centers of studies and analysis to companies.

Due to this, it is a fact that a city like Cadiz, with great marine history, has had in the development activity of its City-Port. Therefore, we believe it is opportune to hold the 7th Interdisciplinary Conference on Port Studies in our City, in the hands of our University, with the following objectives:


  • Bring to this Atlantic shore the Interdisciplinary Network of Port Studies RedEP, to expand it and create synergies between our researchers and institutions.
  • Propose initiatives, ideas, projects, etc., that help the future integration of the City-Port of Cadiz. Comparing with real examples put in practices in other parts of the world, brought by our participants.
  • Contribute to bring the Port closer to the University and the University to the Port. For this reason, these Conferences will have an integrative character, not only gathering current and contemporary research works, but also more practical field studies of interest to professionals in the sector.
  • To create national and international disciplinary and interdisciplinary networks focused on the impact of ports, analyzing H2020 initiatives such as Port of the Future or Physical Internet.
  • Help promote research activity.
  • Put in value the contribution of the national navy for the development of ports and cities. In 1717 was founded in Cadiz the Real School of Guardiamarinas. Also in that year, the first Arsenal of the Spanish Navy in Carracas, now San Fernando, is created.
  • Give relevance to other military bodies that, through their engineers, have helped to fortify and give shape to these cities. Or the foundation of the Royal Corps of Marine Battalions, in Puerto Real.
  • To make known the International Campuses of Excellence in which the Researchers of the University of Cadiz participate and in which the University of Cadiz participates as an entity. As well as the projects in which they are immersed.
  • Promote activities through the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Classroom, natural link of activities carried out between both shores.
  • Show a forum in which to collect those works necessary for the company, but sometimes not so much for other circles of knowledge that give impact to the investigations.

As a colophon, it is intended to make a well-deserved tribute to another event to be held in 2017, probably, which helped to make the name of Cadiz sound throughout the world and was, in fact, the most important port of the eighteenth century of the Spanish crown. Monopolizing its port and the city of Cadiz, during that century, the commerce with the Indies, due to:

“The Transfer of the House of Contracting and Merchants, from Seville to Cadiz in 1717”