Bienvenidos | Welcome --- VII Congreso RedEP

VII Edition: RedEP 2017

Cadiz to the World; From the flourishing 18th century to the challenges of the Port of the Future of the 21st century


The RedEP 2017 Conference

The Interdisciplinary Network of Port Studies (RedEP) is an area of research and debate, born in America, on issues that can be analyzed from different disciplines and have in common their connection to one or several ports or to port and customs issues in general. In order to concretize and energize this area, the RedEP convenes its seventh scientific meeting at the University of Cádiz on September 13, 14 and 15, 2017.


The Port as the axis of analysis

The meeting will have as its axis of analysis the port, understanding that the ports and customs are much more than a functional structure; That they are the result of the interaction between human aggregates more or less different and more or less distant, demographic concentration of diverse cultural horizons, spaces of difficult integration in the urban context, settlement sites of economic clusters or aggregates, recreational areas in the light of the sun or in the shade of the night and a long etcetera.


Diversity of approaches

The diversity of approaches to the port theater and the ceremonies that take place there is very broad: ports can be examined both in a local context and from the broad perspective of the social sciences on a world scale; One can emphasize the relationship between ports and between ports and their hinterlands and forelands; It is also possible to emphasize social and cultural relations between social agents within ports and port cities; It is possible to approach problems with a synchronic approach of the activities in a port or in several or another diachronic of the processes that determined the history of one or more ports.


Interdisciplinary Invitation

We understand that considering the port as a door for social analysis allows us to highlight a transposed but not always visible spatial, political, economic and urban context, taken by the spectator, but rarely as a protagonist, of processes that are halfway between the rural and the urban, all episodes of the social complex as a whole have taken place.

We invite those who share, at least in part, the notion of opportunity that the port offers us to enter into its complexity or to analyze different social processes to participate in these days.

The approved works, unless otherwise indicated by their authors, will be considered for the publication of the proceedings of the Conference.